Wall Two 80, Balaclava

Where: 280 Carlisle St Balaclava

When: Breakfast and Lunch 7 days

Contact: (03) 9593 8280

Vego friendly

Payment: CC for orders $20+

Wall on Carlisle Street has a good thing going that’s for sure; they practically invented the hole-in-the-wall genre of café and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. In more recent years they’ve expanded to include more seating while managing to retain their gritty arty vibe. Perhaps one of their best features is their range of fat, glossy magazines and newspapers, frequently updated of course. What you save at the news agent you could spend on breakfast, which makes good sense to me.

What doesn’t make good sense to me however was the vast divide between the stellar quality of the coffee and what I ordered for lunch. Toasted pides have been Wall’s thing since they opened yet I feel they’ve gotten a bit sloppy lately. Honestly speaking I used to just stick to the Ham, cheese and tomato option but this time I thought you darling readers deserved something a little more exciting. So I ordered the smoked chicken, tomato, roquette and mustard aioli ($9.5). I know, exciting right?

Anyway I was very much looking forward to my pide, and holding it’s warm, floured weight in my hands I was already salivating with anticipation. Imagine my disappointment when it was so salty I could simply couldn’t eat it. The smoked chicken and the mustard aioli might have possibly had competing salt contents but it tasted as if someone had gotten salt-grinder happy on top of all of it. The pide itself was also on the dry side, not helped by its scorched edges.

As mentioned the coffee is stand-out quality; well formed with a strong, rich kick. For this reason I have chosen to give it a separate rating entirely. A brownie and escargot were also sampled. The escargot was hindered by what I can only assume was yesterday’s bread syndrome, I’m sure it would’ve been acceptable if it were fresh. The brownie had a great consistency with finely chopped walnuts and choc chips throughout. The chocolate flavours were gorgeously dark if not a little on the sweet side, best eaten with a cup of coffee.

The staff were nice, laid back and perfectly capable. I’d come back for coffee anytime but might pass on lunch.

Coffee: 5/5

Food: 2/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

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