Little Deer Tracks, Coburg

Where:O-Hea St, Coburg

When: Breakfast and Lunch 7 Days

Contact: (03) 9354 3449

CC & EFTPOS available


Vegetarian Only


Handmade potato (or spelt) gnocchi saltati with spring peas, spinach and fresh tomato and basil ($18.50)

O’Hea Street in Coburg is a funny sort of spot for a café but Little Deer Tracks is a funny sort of café. The very loosely transformed former residence sports polished concrete floors and casual wooden café furniture, plus an arts-space out the back showcasing the local talent. Interestingly though the food, the bar, and the wait-staff seem to be suited to a much more formal restaurant rather than a suburban café. And indeed the meals are fit for a restaurant table; I had the Handmade potato (or spelt) gnocchi saltati with spring peas, spinach and fresh tomato and basil, but for $18.50 those really aren’t café prices anymore.

I was really happy with the pasta topped with fluffy parmesan; it was completely perfect, and a generous serving too. The bouncy green peas and fresh baby spinach lifted the heaviness of gnocchi beautifully. However the drafty, echoey atmosphere of Little Deer Tracks didn’t entice me to plan a long lunch next time. On this occasion though, I had company and it seemed only sociable to share in a slice of cherry tart which was an excellent decision. The whole Morello cherries were not too sweet and not too tart, just tender and juicy, encased in top-notch pastry. For $6.50, I didn’t feel so hard done by. The coffee was good enough to make me feel almost cosy, but not quite. Little Deer Tracks could use some rugs or floorboards to improve the atmosphere. Overall service was good if not on the very serious side and the food worth visiting for.


Cherry Tart (6.50)

Food: 4/5

Service: 3/5

Ambiance: 2/5

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