Salford Lads Club

Where: Corner of Bridge and Fennell Street,Melbourne

When: Weekdays: Breakfast and lunch, Saturdays: Open til 2.30pm

Contact: (03) 8534 9957

Vego Friendly


Salford Lads Club had been recommended to me for its delicious hot meals, so I was a little saddened to find that on Saturdays they only did a breakfast menu. Nevertheless I wasn’t disappointed for long. My BLT was hot, full and juicy, with a delicious full-flavoured mayonnaise. The addition of a sweet onion pickle/chutney and mustard was a unique touch, as was the peppery roquette. It would have been perfect if a substitute to multi-grain toast had been offered.

My dining partner ordered the similarly hearty Uncle Rocco’s Bacon and Egg Sandwich which looked glorious and had a generous serving of creamy avocado too. This sandwich was sauceless which I think put it a couple of points behind the stand-out BLT. The egg was also not runny so one’s sleeves can be considered safe, although a runny egg is always appealing I feel. Both sandwiches sported indulgent buttery toast slices.


SLC BIT; crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and house relish on multi-grain ($9.50)

To wash it all down I had the Homemade Lemon Lime and Bitters. I wasn’t sure what exactly I was expecting by “homemade” but a standard glass of bitters and lemon topped up with a tepid Sprite was not it. Isn’t this just a sub-standard lemon, lime and bitters? To be fair the waitress was very apologetic about the lack of refrigeration and that they had run out of ice. She personally chipped away at a left-over icicle so that I could have a cold, less sweet drink. All was forgiven, but I’ll not be ordering that again. Fortunately the coffee was brilliant, with Coffee Supreme beans delivered dark, handsome and creamy.  

It seems Salford Lads Club hasn’t quite built its crowd yet, as there were plenty of seats during the Saturday Brunch Rush-Hour, and not just any seats but adorable, curious little tables tucked away in hidden nooks with cut-out walls and such. It was like an architect’s wet dream with an amazing conversion of it’s grungy warehouse space, including a stair-case that looked like it could take you to a third dimension. My favourite part was the shady entrance with a big old tree and tire-swing; it felt relaxed and friendly, somewhere to take your family or your date, and that’s a hard balance to find.

Uncle Rocco’s Egg and Bacon Sandwich; bacon, fried egg , Swiss cheese, spicy avocado and lettuce (11.50)

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 5/5

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