Royal Saxon, Richmond

Where: 545 Church St Richmond

When: 7 Days, noon till late

Contact: (03) 9429 5277


EFTPOS and CC accepted

Nduja salami (hot), red onion, tomato and scamorza bianco ($10/18)

Royal Saxon knows how to pull a crowd, probably because of it’s ability to play host to casual drinkers, fine diners and families all at the same time. High quality building features ensure various comfortable and segmented spaces, including an expansive shady courtyard, a rowdy main bar as well as quiet intimate spaces. Prepare to fork out a little bit, for the food’s pricing is far from casual. The best value options seem to be the pizza which come in two sizes with the smaller one being substantial enough. Order a side and you’ll have a a little feast.

Asparagus, bocconcini and prosciutto di San Daniel ($12/20)

Our pizza candidates for the evening were the Nduja salami (hot), red onion, tomato and scamorza bianco ($10/18) and the Asparagus, bocconcini and prosciutto di San Daniel ($12/20). Both had excellent quality ingredients and perfect bases; not too puffy, not too crispy with delicately doughy edges. They were on the salty side after a few slices but this wasn’t too bad as the rich tomato concasse balanced the acidity. The asparagus pizza was the favourite because of its perfectly juicy green stalks. Both items were fairly minimal with toppings but acceptable. It should be noted that the prosciutto on the asparagus pizza was cooked where it would normally be left fresh (a diner variation due to pregnancy). 

As you would expect from the prices and the caliber of food on offer, the service was terrific on all fronts. If you feel like a flashy meal with a relaxed atmosphere Royal Saxon should do nicely.

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Ambiance: 4/5

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