The Premises, Kensington

Where: 202 Bellair Street, Kensington

When: Weekdays: 7am-4:30pm, Weekends: 8am-4pm

Contact: (03) 9376 7565

Vegetarian :) :)

CC and EFTPOS for purchases over $15


The Premises Eggs; two poached eggs, green olive tapenade & a Persian feta & zucchini salad on organic toast ($17)

The Premises in Kensington is a long-standing local favourite. It boasts an unusual menu with plenty of sophisticated ingredients and unique fusions. The range of Seven Seeds coffee on offer (including filter) do well too. The setting is primary utilitarian, with hard wooden furniture deployed as communal tables and stools, no doubt to accommodate the large peak-time crowds. Lots of window exposure makes for a bright and cheery setting and a decent place to have a chat.

I ordered The Premises Eggs which promised two poached eggs, green olive tapenade & a Persian feta & zucchini salad on organic toast for $17. I was really happy with the large eggs and their perfectly cooked golden yolks, however the quantity of olive tapenade as well as the slices of preserved lemon were distastefully salty. The Persian feta was excellent quality but only added to the unsavoury level of saltiness which was barely offset by a scattering of raisins. The zucchini salad could have saved the day if it had been sweet and pickled but its soft dressing left it listless in all the salt chaos. Disappointing also was the size of the toast; quite thin and small slices for an expensive café breakfast. Overall I did not enjoy it and didn’t find it particularly filling. I neutralised the flavours with a cappuccino which was very well crafted and embodied that tell-tale mildness of the Seven Seeds blends; not a strong drop but good nonetheless.

Our waitresses were very attentive, pleasant and helpful but the service at the register from an apathetic young man certainly left something to be desired from the whole experience. Initially he couldn’t locate our bill and then overcharged us by double, then told us he wouldn’t split our bill (only a condition of weekends and not a quiet Thursday afternoon, as noted on the menu) all the while not listening to us (made evident by his constant repetitive questions) and addressing us with real disdain. This mixture of incompetence and apathy left a sour taste in my mouth. I’ll stick to Luncheonette over the road from now on.


Food: 2/5

Service: 2/5

Ambiance: 3/5

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